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Some of Our initiatives are;
Native Food Sovereignty, Clean Water, Community Development

   Native Food Sovereignty

Native Food Sovereignty is the right of American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians to produce their own traditional foods on their own lands to sustain themselves, their families and their communities. Native Americans had food sovereignty for thousands of years before the first European contact in the Americas. Food systems have dramatically changed to the detriment of Native peoples’ health

Clean Water

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to clean water. Water is the source and sustenance of all life-Water Is Life. It is worth reminding ourselves that access to water is a basic human right. The “human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable physically and affordable water for personal and domestic uses.” That right is available to all without discrimination of any kind. Indigenous peoples’ access to water resources on their ancestral lands must be protected from encroachment and unlawful pollution.


Community Development

TLE works to development activities that primarily improves the overall quality of life in a community. Community development is at the heart of the work that Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. does. A healthy community is important to the survival of the Navajo Nation. TLE is working to build healthy communities on Navajo and to develop programs that can be replicated throughout Indian Country.


Tolani Lake Enterprises Awarded a USDA Rural Business Development Grant to Conduct Feasibility Study of a Meat Processing Facility……….. on the Navajo Nation


A generous grant from Grand Canyon Trust resulted in getting solar power to the Tolani Lake Chapter House and to Tolani Lake Enterprises’ Building