Yá'át'ééh Welcome to our little corner of the world Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. (TLE)

About Our Organization

Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. a 501(c)3 HC 61 Box 320 Winslow, Arizona 86047 928-686-6106 Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Tolani Lake, Arizona, which is situated in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation. Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc., (TLE) was incorporated in June of 2000.


Tolani Lake Enterprises envisions a future where all our relations thrive in sustainable, economically viable, and environmentally responsible native communities..


Community service
Honoring our relations
Strong work ethic


Tó Łání Enterprises’ mission is to cultivate healthy, safe, and prosperous communities by strengthening food, water, and economic systems for our Native communities in the lower Little Colorado River Valley, empowering our youth, and promoting Native cultural knowledge.” 

“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts the aspirations and needs of those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations.” Declaration of Nyéléni, the first global forum on food sovereignty, Mali, 2007

TLE’s Grow Our Own program guides our work and empowers us to build local capacity to do for ourselves as we once did. Growing our own food again in area gardens and farms will allow us to reclaim our health and sovereignty, and strengthen our culture. We host workshops and courses at our three acre demonstration garden and orchards at the TLE business site lease.

Safe Water to Drink. Protecting our children forward seven generations, that is what it is about. and reducing the number of health problems associated with ingesting too many of these contaminants. It is also about dignity. Access to clean drinking Water is a human right.

Diné Food Sovereignty

Other Initiatives



You can’t buy dedication.

Strong Work Ethic

Our staff goes above and beyond the call


We Respect our community, our mission, our elders


We build partnerships with the community, tribe, and other NPOs

100% Result Guarantee

If we don’t quit ’til we get it right


DEDICATION: Our organization is build around dedication. You can buy skill, you can buy knowledge, but you can not buy dedication. TLE is fortunate to have staff and a board that is dedicated to the mission of the organization.
STRONG WORK ETHIC: A strong work ethic is the backbone of the organization. We operate as a family, when we see something needs to be done it gets done.
RESPECT: To much can not be said about respect. It is what holds our community together. The Navajo word K’é, part of the meaning is respectful relationship to one’s family, close and extended.
Partnership: It takes working partnerships to get things done. The Navajo Nation is large, the size of West Virginia. Our philosophy is that there is enough to go around, so lets share.
100% Guaranteed: We monitor our work. If we see it going in the wrong direction we take the necessary steps to correct things and make it right.


Solar On Navajo Solar for Corn

The Navajo Nation is taking its first step toward generating electricity by starting a solar farm amid the pending closure of a coal-fired power plant in northeastern Arizona. Tolani Lake Enterprises began using solar on the Navajo Reservation three years ago thanks to the generous funding from Grand Canyon Trust. TLE was able to install…

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Community Development

Community Development TLE works to development activities that primarily improves the overall quality of life in a community. That is the meaning of our logo, “Grow Our Own”. Community development is at the heart of the work that Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. does. A healthy community is important to the survival of the Navajo Nation.…

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Fundraising  Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. (TLE) is embarking on a fundraising campaign. TLE currently has four active grants, and is handling all of them very well. We are also perusing other grant funding as well. That is how we are operating which is positive yet at the same time it is our challenge. Pursuing grants.…

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