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Łání Enterprises

The Navajo name: Tó is the Navajo word for “WATER” Łání is the Navajo word for “MANY”

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The Green Team

The Green Team is a product of Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. It came out of a collaboration between, Navajo Workforce, Northern Pioneer College, Ashokala Gardens and Tolani Lake Enterprises. Navajo Workforce provided funding for the program, Northern Pioneer College gave college credits for the seven month Organic Gardening Course, Ashokala Gardens lead by Kim Costion taught the class and Tolani Lake Enterprises put the program together and provided space to host the class.

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Community Development

TLE works to development activities that primarily improves the overall quality of life in a community. Community development is at the heart of the work that Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. does. A healthy community is important to the survival of the Navajo Nation. TLE is working to build healthy communities on Navajo and to develop programs that can be replicated throughout Indian Country.


Food Sovereignty/Food Security

One of the main initiatives for TLE is Food Sovereignty and Food Security. The Navajo Nation is roughly the size of West Virginia yet it only has 13 “supermarkets” on the whole reservation. The Navajo Nation is one of the largest “food deserts” in the country.


Web site Development

TLE has a in house certified web master that will help non profit organizations develop their web presence and social media programs. TLE has a partnership with a native owned web development company that is able to give TLE clients a greatly reduced price for website work. Having a web site is super important for a non-profit organization. Lets face it.........the web site is the first place a client or funder looks.

Our Initiatives
We do the work that we care about.

Solar-First water

Water Sovereignty/Water Security For many indigenous communities, water is considered to be sacred and has relig ious and cultural significance. Water is central to tribal economies, supporting agriculture, energy production, fisheries, grazing, towns, and communities. Water is also central to tribal culture, providing habitat native species that are important fo r food, medicines, and rituals .

Water Sovereignty/Water Security ()

Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.

Food Security/Food Sovereignty ()
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