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Native American Food Sovereignty


Welcome to our little corner of the world
Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. (TLE)

Community service,  Creativity,
Honesty,  Honoring our relations,
Knowledge,  Partnership,
    Respect,  Strong work ethic,  Trust      
“Tolani Lake Enterprises envisions a future
where all our relations thrive in sustainable,
economically viable, and environmentally responsible
native communities.” 
Foods Of Our Ancestors
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Building Healthy Soil  03-14-18  (TLE)
Creating a Yearly Growing Plan 03-21  (TLE)
Growing Cool Weather Crops  03-28-18  (TLE)
Growing Warm Weather Crops 04-04-18  (TLE)
Organic Pest & Desease Control 04-11-18  (TLE)
Food Safety, GAP and Cash Crops (Dine' College) 04-13-18
Identify Climate Challenges in Your Area 04-18-18  (TLE)
Season Extenders: Walls 'O Water 04-25-18  (TLE)
Record Keeping (Dine' College) 05-04-18  (TLE)
Shade, Wind & Critter Covers  05-09-18  (TLE)
Soils & Irrigation (Dine' College) 05-16-18  (TLE)
Field Growing II (topic TBD)05-23-18  (TLE)
Field Growing II (topic TBD)05-30-18  (TLE)

Native American Food Sovereignty
“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally
appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable
methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. 
It puts the aspirations and needs of those who produce, distribute and
consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the
demands of markets and corporations.” Declaration of Nyéléni, the first
global forum on food sovereignty, Mali, 2007
“Tolani Lake Enterprises’ mission is to cultivate healthy,
safe, and prosperous communities by strengthening food,
water, and economic systems for our Native communities in
the lower Little Colorado River Valley, empowering our youth,
and promoting Native cultural knowledge.”


The Navajo Nation is taking its first step toward generating electricity by starting a solar farm amid the pending closure of a coal-fired power plant in northeastern Arizona. Tolani Lake Enterprises began using solar on the Navajo Reservation three years ago thanks to the generous funding from Grand Canyon Trust. TLE was able to install…Read more

Diné Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty “Diné Food Sovereignty is fundamental to rebuilding a
healthy and self-sufficient Food System for the Diné
people. Diné Food Sovereignty is the right of Diné people to define their own policies and strategies for sustainable producton, distributon, and consumpton of food, with respect to Diné culture, philosophy, and values, and is considered to be a preconditon for food security on the Navajo Naton.

Diné Food Sovereignty ensures the ability to
establish our own culturally appropriate and sustainable systems of managing natural resources including lands, territories, waters, seeds, livestock and biodiversity. Diné Food Sovereignty empowers Diné people by puEng the Diné people, farmers, and livestock-owners at the center of   decision-making on policies, strategies........read more


Gary Biakeddy - Board President
"As I have come to find out, we are never to old to learn. Tolani Lake Enterprises presents a way to keep learnng the modern ways of agriculture and economic development, along with our traditional teachings"

grow our own

TLE’s Grow Our Own program guides our work and empowers us to build local capacity to do for ourselves as we once did. Growing our own food again in area gardens and farms will allow us to reclaim our health and sovereignty, and strengthen our culture. We host workshops and courses at our three acre demonstration garden and orchards at the TLE business site lease........read more
USDA Certified Animal Harvest Facility

USDA animal harvest facility

A feasibility study funded by RBEG will provide us
with details related to infrastructure and design
of the facility, location, needs of ranchers, farmers,
businesses, the community and how those needs can be
aligned with the proposed business enterprise

.........read more
food safety-
FSMA Food Safery

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has taken food safety to a completely new level. It is not enough to just have (GHP/GAP), good handing practices/good agricultural practices certification in order to sell food to commercial establishments such as local grocery stores, schools, senior centers, and other institutions. We must now conform to FSMA. TLE has staff that is certified in FSMA safety regulations. Navajo Nation will have its own safety regulations in place for on reservation sale of produce.
......read more

fund raising

Fund Raising

TLE is in the process of developing strategies to build a donor base in order to continue our work without the need to be chasing grants all the time. We realize that most successful non-profits receive about 92% or more of their funding from donors. Donors can support a variety of needs that will keep the non-profit running in a smooth manner.

.........read more

Stephanie Hall - Executive Director
"I've been approached by individuals who know that I'm on the TLE team, and they ask me for guidance on how to start up a business or an initiative, hw they cen be a part of something bigger than themselves or how TLE can collaborate with their organiztions. I think to many of these individuals, TLE severs as an example of how to build resiliency and sustainability within our communities.
People can place their trust that the future holds good things in organizations like TLE"

Other Initiatives
Community Development
community development
 TLE works to develop activities that primarily emproves the overall quality of life in a community. That is the meaning of our logo "Grow our Own". Community development is at the heart
of the work that Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. does. A healthy community is important to the survival of the Navajo Nation.There are many ingredients the goes to make up a healthy community.
Economic security is one. How economic security looks on Navajo and in Indian Country is quite different then it looks in the non-native world.
 ....read more 

Bill Edwards - Board Vice-President Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc.
"As long as there is one Native American suffering from historical trauma there is a need for Non-Profit work"
Safe Water For Everybody

Navajo water rights

Protecting our childdren forward seven generaions, that is what it is about. Reducing the number of health problems associated with ingesting too many water borne contaminants.
It is about dignity. Access to clean drinking Water is a human right
......read more
Jacques Seronde - Board of Directors
"Organizing and building community capacity for food and water security'
Judie Wilson - Executive Secretary
"Organizing and building capacity for food and water security" TLE has the ability to bring together local schools and nonprofits along with county and tribal representatives to work together for healthy and sustainable native communities.

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