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Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. a 501(c)3
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Winslow, Arizona 86047

Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc., is a non-profit, 501(c)3 based in Tolani Lake, Arizona, which is situated in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation.

Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc., (TLE) was incorporated in June of 2000. The founder, Ronald K. White, originally created it to be a springboard for economic development in Tolani Lake, Leupp. Birdsprings, and the surrounding areas. This tri-community area is rich in agricultural knowledge, tradition, and family. However, because of a variety of socioeconomic factors, these communities also suffer from high unemployment rates, a high rate of families living below the poverty line, and very little economic opportunities. He envisioned TLE to be a place where native-based businesses could come for technical support and information on how to start and maintain a business on the Navajo Nation. Mr. White retired in August 2009.

At that time the board president also stepped down. Mr. Edwards as vice-president stepped in as the Programs Director in February 2010. Under Mr. Edward’s leadership, TLE has grown into an organization that has become the go to organization for agricultural programs and know how on the Arizona side of the Navajo Reservation. TLE is a leader in training start-up non profits on Navajo. This is done by securing grants for capacity building, grant writing training, establishing agricultural projects and acting as fiscal sponsors. We believe that by helping to establish non profits that are capable of conducting their own business we are creating potential partners rather then competitors.

TLE has been involved in some major projects in the community, creating employment for local skilled craftsmen, organizing a non-profit corporations, and  for-profit corporations. Sponsored business conference which brought together successful Indian and Minority business people. TLE.Inc. is constantly seeking ways to provide service to the surrounding communities. Secured a 25 year business site lease from the Navajo Nation for the old Tolani Lake Trading Post. Remolded the building to include office space for T.L.E. Inc., a reception area, conference room and five additional office spaces available for rent to businesses or organizations within the area. Secured funding to start and complete an addition on the Tolani Lake chapter house. During the construction local craftsmen were employed. This gave the community the much needed extra space to conduct chapter meetings and other activities. Funding for the project came from the Navajo/Hopi Land Commission. Completed in July of 2004.

Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. is situated in the heart of the community, our office is behind the Tolani Lake Chapter House. Organized to foster and encourage Native American economic security, food security, community well being, higher education, Native Veteran’s issues and the preservation of Native culture.

Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. (TLE) is dedicated to serving its constituents. First by finding out what the needs of the community are. We take the pulse of the community by initiating an active outreach program. When we solicit input from the community we are then able to develop community based programs that are successful.

T.L.E.Inc. can and does assist in creating successful business plans, effective mission statements, and marketing strategies.

TLE holds small business workshops for NPOs. Workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Creating an inclusive multi-talented board of directors for your organization.
  • Board Governance
  • Board Teamwork
  • Organizational Planing
  • Organizational Budget Plans
  • Strategical Planning
  • Vision Plans
  • Capacity Building
  • Business Plans
  • Web site Development
  • Community Development:
    Development activity that primarily improves the overall quality of life in a community.
  • Business Development:
    Development activity that primarily adds jobs or increases the average (mean) income in a community.
  • Economic Development:
    Activities that involve community development, business development or both.

Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc. works with other grass roots organizations, local officials at the chapter (local) level and with Navajo Nation (central government) departmental officials. Some of the already established organizations that TLE has worked with in the community are, North Leupp Family Farm, the Tolani Lake Youth Development Organization, the Tolani Lake Senior Center, Western Navajo Food Policy Council, and Coalmine Home Owners Association.. TLE also develops and drives its own projects. 

TLE also acts as fiscal sponsors for grass roots organizations that do not have the capacity/status to get funding. Along with being fiscal sponsors TLE will engage those organizations in capacity building, and will work to strengthen the organization to the point where they can handle their own finances.

TLE is currently fiscal sponsor for two projects in the community.

TLE will also write grant proposals for organizations. TLE has a certified grant writer who is a member of the American Grant Writers Association. To get an idea of how a certified grant writer works and what the code of ethics are please visit the American Grant Writers Association web site. http://www.agwa.us